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The increase in ballast water regulation means that it is vital to ensure that your system is working to IMO D-2 and US EPA Vessel General Permit requirements. To ensure efficient and effective operation of a ballast water treatment system or to choose a system you will need to have an understanding of your operating environment. The potential of a ballast water treatment exemption may also be of benefit to some vessels operating in coastal trading patterns. With globally recognised scientific expertise in the marine environment and ballast water, the Centre is your ideal partner in ballast water management.

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Ballast Water Commissioning Testing

Providing professional, high quality, commissioning testing of your newly installed ballast water treatment system to meet the latest IMO guidance for the commissioning testing of ballast water management systems - BWM.2/Circ.70/Rev.1

Our team of experts will visit your vessel in port to sample and test uptake and discharged ballast water to assess and report efficacy against the IMO D-2 ballast water performance standard as required by BWM.2/Circ.70/Rev.1.

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Lloyd's register approval logoWe are delighted to have received Ballast Water Commissioning Testing certification from Lloyd's register which ensures we meet the necessary quality standards for our work.

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Environmental Assessments

Suspended sediments, turbidity, and tidal extremes of salinity are just some of the factors that can affect the efficacy and the correct choice of Ballast Water Treatment System (BWTS).

There are over 8,000 ports worldwide, most of which exhibit a wide range of environmental conditions which may vary significantly due to factors such as depth and time. It is essential that ship operators understand their environment so they can manage their ballasting operations effectively.

By reviewing available data, applying expert knowledge and undertaking surveys or research of local environmental conditions anywhere in the world, the Centre can deliver detailed, bespoke reports to meet your requirements. The Centre has an exceptional understanding of the marine environment combined with an in-depth knowledge of BWTS. It provides detailed information to make informed decisions on the BWTS for your vessel(s) and to improve the operational effectiveness of your ballast water management plan.

Exemption Applications

Fixed routes, same location? Then an exemption might be a benefit for you.

The IMO Convention offers the potential (Regulation A-4) to gain an exemption from Regulation B-3 (ballast water management) and avoid having to install costly ballast water treatment systems. Exemption applications require detailed surveys and risk assessments of your operating environments and must be approved by the Port States affected and/or those possibly affected.

The Ballast Water Centre undertakes expert reviews, surveys, tidal modelling, risk assessments and provides advice for the exemption application process.

Shipboard Testing Equipment

Shipboard Efficacy Testing

Providing supportive evidence to help you pass your next Port State Inspection.

A manufacturer’s type approval is not a guarantee for a Ballast Water Treatment System to meet ballast water performance standards once installed.

The Centre provides independent and impartial shipboard testing of installed systems. Our team of experts will visit your vessel(s) in port to sample and test discharged ballast water to assess and report efficacy against the IMO D-2 ballast water performance standard and/or the US Environment Protection Agency Vessel General Permit requirements.

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