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Working with a broad spectrum of clients across the globe the Ballast Water Centre provides scientific services for ballast water management and treatment system development.  With both a breadth and depth of expertise, the Centre provides reliable and practical solutions to a range of ballast water challenges whilst maintaining discretion and confidentiality throughout the process.

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Ballast Water Treatment System Manufacturers

The increase in the regulation of ballast water is leading to an increase in demand for effective ballast water treatment systems (BWTS) and it is vital that these systems meet the regulatory requirements. The Ballast Water Centre’s experts provide an exceptional understanding of the marine environment combined with an in-depth knowledge of BWTS. 
IMO Ballast Water Management Convention

Classification Societies

The Ballast Water Centre provides a range of services, from testing prototypes through reviewing test data to efficacy testing. Delivering impartial expertise in reviewing test reports and dossier submissions for type approval based on the latest G8 and G9 requirements.

Port State Control

The regulations that Port State inspectors are required to enforce are significant and increasing. Regulations controlling ballast water and invasive species require expert knowledge to aid compliance and protect the environment, the economy and human health. The Ballast Water Centre has the knowledge and expertise to assist with exemption applications, risk assessments and to train in and/or undertake ballast water sampling and analysis, including shipboard testing. 

Shipping Companies

The increase in ballast water regulation means that it is vital to ensure that your system is working to IMO D-2 and US EPA Vessel General Permit requirements. To ensure efficient and effective operation of a ballast water treatment system or to choose a system you will need to have an understanding of your operating environment. The potential of a ballast water treatment exemption may also be of benefit to some vessels operating in coastal trading patterns. With globally recognised scientific expertise in the marine environment and ballast water, the Centre is your ideal partner in ballast water management.


Our specialist and bespoke training and education services are designed for people in all areas of ballast water management. Course options range from classroom-based teaching and on-site workshops such as the training on ballast water sampling and analysis that we completed for Port State Control Officers in Jordan under the GEF-UNDP-IMO GloBallast Partnerships Programme (http://globallast.imo.org/).

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